7 Tests Prior to Launching a WordPress Theme

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Designing a theme from scratch is not an easy task. Web designers have to go through cumbersome stages of concept creation, designing, coding and execution to come out with an attractive and workable theme / template. Whether you are working on WordPress / Joomla or Drupal, it is vital for you to conduct certain tests before officially releasing it in the market for consumption.

This post will inform you about the 7 most crucial checks that need to be ensured on a WordPress theme before its launch in the market. Knowing and checking these beforehand will enable you to avoid making any untoward mistakes and glitches in your theme.

1. Lock Comments on Protected Posts:

One of the cool features of WordPress is that its themes give you the choice to make a post password-protected. This means that your website readers will not be able to view these secured posts without entering the right password. However, you also need to ensure that the comments on these protected posts are also hidden (through the comments.php file) otherwise the rationale of hiding the posts will be overwhelmed.

2. Using PHP for Attachments:

When you insert an attachment within your posts or pages (like a picture, sound or video), it hinders the accessibility of the user. In order to remove this issue, you need to install attachment.php which will enable you to display customized information regarding the attachment as well.

3. All Directional Language Support:

The Standard English language has a left to right flow. However, there are some language in the world that has a right to left flow like the Arabic, Urdu and Hindi. You need to make sure that your WordPress theme supports all directional languages.

4. Customize Widgets:

A general WordPress theme has several widgets installed in it by default. However, they are dull and boring in style. They are also monotonous with other websites using WordPress template. In order to make yours different, you should style your default widgets like the calendar and statistics counter.

5. Usability of Threaded Comments:

The comments section is of prime importance for WordPress blogs as they generate discussion and feedback of the visitors. In order to make your threaded comments usable, make sure the styling is done ideally to include proper padding and margins. The ‘reply’, ‘cancel reply’ all need to be properly aligned.

6. Customize Thumbnails:

Another great feature of the WordPress powered themes is that there is a built-in thumbnail generator (featured images) that allows you to keep a thumbnail for every post. You should customize it before releasing the theme so that it is distinguishable. You can resize it as per your requirements.

7. Customize Backgrounds:

Before releasing your very own WordPress theme, you should opt for keeping a customized background in the template. The new WordPress gives you the option of adding a personalized background by one simple line of code:
1. add_custom_background();

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