5 Reasons to Have a Mobile Version of Your Website

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The most important part of any business promotion is whether you are using the right medium to reach your target audience. There was a time when manual forms of advertising were enough to cater the intended customers. However, with the advent of electronic and print media, business gained more easy ways of tapping into the market. On came the internet which made business promotion as easy as pie. Businesses understood that the general public is more easily reachable over the internet then through conventional means of advertising.

However, the internet has also become a secondary place of existence for users. The age we are living in nowadays is the age of mobile. Almost one in ten of people own a cell phone or Smartphone that support internet access. Therefore, the newest marketing medium to tap into is the mobile. In order to do that, one has to make available a mobile version of their business website. For instance, eBay can be easily accessed through any handheld device. Most people assume that their normal website will function perfectly on the mobile devices. However, when the user faces difficulties in loading of your website, they will prefer not to visit it again.

Reasons to have a Mobile Website:

Every year, we see all mobile phone companies developing newer and better versions of Smartphones and handheld devices. This has led to an increasing surge in people opting to access internet through their mobile phones. Therefore, the traffic being generated through the mobile internet has caught pace during the recent years and is expected to surpass exceeding levels by the end of the year 2015.

Here are 5 solid reasons why every online business must possess a mobile version of their website:

1. Make Your Site Compatible:

A normal website width is more than 700px which is not viewable in a mobile device. Since the screen of most handheld devices is comparatively smaller than a monitor it is difficult for people to view your products / services and other important information. Visitors don’t like to scroll all the way to the sides in order to read the contents of a page. Therefore, you need to develop a mobile version that fits ideally into the handheld devices and Smartphones for better legibility and screening.

2. Cater Local searches:

Research and polls have shown that a great majority of people who use internet enabled mobile phone devices perform local searches especially before making a particular procurement nearby their residence. In order to avoid any inconvenience in terms of comparing between two products/services, people use their mobile devices to do the evaluation and then visit their nearest store. This is why it is pertinent to have a mobile version of your website so that it may cater to the local searches.

3. Target Focused Searches:

Another reason to have a mobile version of your website is targeting focused searches. Now you will agree to this fact that it is much harder to type on a mobile phone in contrast to a normal keyboard. Even the devices with QWERTY keypad are not easy to use. That is why mobile internet users tend to use fewer words to search for items. Hence you can target these focused searches more easily through the mobile version of your website.

4. Gain More Traffic:

Above all, the most important determinant of having a mobile version of your website is value for money. By opening another portal for the potential users, you are gaining more traffic that was not previously tapped. Your investment in creating the mobile version of the site will reap immediate benefits when your visitors start to rise. You wouldn’t want your potential customer to go to the rivals just because they have a mobile based website.

5. Quick Access to Information:

Last but least, the wireless connectivity and accessibility of mobile devices gives quick and easy access to information. This is very crucial for online businesses that are more towards the service industry as the customer can easily view the business propositions with a single click. Moreover, customers can quickly get in touch with you through their handheld devices if you have a mobile version of your business website.

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