25 Remarkably Vivid Examples of Website Designs

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Colors are the lifeblood of any website. They have the capability to make or break a website design. For those who believe that websites that follow the black and white theme have no concern with colors, let me remind them that black and white are also colors. Hence, each and every web design created has to possess the best match of colors and hue. The job of a web designer is to arrange the ultimate scheme of colors so that the website stays appealing as well as relevant.

The most difficult task for a web designer is to work with bright, high-impact colors. However, if used properly, they can create an effective impact on the target audience. Many famous brands have their websites in bright, vivid and high-impact colors such as fast-food restaurants and beverage companies. They follow the psychology of color in web design and their impact on the viewers. For instance, the red color is for intensity and passion. Yellow is to induce hunger and happiness, while the green color is a symbol of environment friendliness.

In order to see the impact of using colorful, bright and radiant colors in web design, take a look at these 25 remarkably vivid examples of website designs.


1. Feels.tv


2. Denny’s


3. 89Bytes


4. Analogue


5. Tori’s Eye


6. Republic2


7. Love of My Life


8. Alfred App


9. Rice Bowls


10. Carbonmade


11. RUhotEnuf?


12. Bzzy App


13. OrangeSprocket


14. Daniel Martín


15. Tim Biskup


16. POPA


17. Ryan Keiser


18. Girl Effect


19. Tease


20. Solo


21. Netlife Research


22. Carsonified


23. vijufest.ru


24. Jacob Lee


25. Bestwork


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