6 Tangible Techniques for Designers to Increase Clients

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Regardless of what field or profession you belong to, client solicitation is one of the hardest parts of your career. Being a graphic designer, I know how tough it is to get new clients and get your career on the running path. In any form of profession, there is continuously a requirement to search for new and fresh clientele. Theoretically speaking, the present clients ought to contribute to repeat business without persuasion, however the reality is otherwise. For any creative artist, work mostly arrives in periods or chucks. There will be dry spells and there will be days of excess overload.

In order to ensure that you are not reliant on your existing clients and to ensure smooth flow of business, you need to line up new clientele so that projects are aligned for future. But how does one do that? Here are five simple and effective techniques through which you can gain new clients.


1.    Make an Impact with Portfolio

You might be aware of the fact that searching for potential clients is quite a daunting job. Moreover, when you discover a prospective client, you would not like them to perplex after looking at your design portfolio. The portfolio must depict your competences comprehensively. It has to be accurate, summarizing and flawless. That is why you need to ensure that only your finest work and projects are displayed, instead of posting everything. This will definitely attract new clients to solicit your services.


2.    Make use of Referrals

People generally tend to believe in what their family and closed ones tell them. That is why Word-of-mouth marketing is regarded as the most effective forms of promotion. In order to gain more clients, you should make use of referral to attract potential business prospects. When you provide quality services to a customer, make sure you ask them to refer your services elsewhere. This will give you free of cost advertisement and endorsement. The clients generated from referrals are usually easy to impress.


3.    Attend Relevant Events:

Another good way of gaining new and prospective clients is to events and functions that are relevant to your field of expertise. For example graphic / web designers should attend conventions and design exhibitions where they will find people who are interested in design. It is a good way of staying up-to-date regarding the industry and exhibiting your skills in the marketplace. Business events offerplenty opportunities to gaining new clientele.

4.    Freelance Sites:

As the online sphere increases every day, newer and better ways of doing business have surfaced. Nowadays, it is easy to find work online. For creative designers there are a lot of websites offering a platform to find clients. These are basically called freelancing sites that bridges the gap between clients and professionals. You can create an account there and enter into the bids that are relevant to your field.

5.    Professional Networking:

We have talked about the importance of networking in our earlier point regarding attending events. Apart from social gathering, professional networking via online websites is also helpful in getting new clients.  Websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are now a wonderful source of finding new and prospective clients.

6.    Creative Pricing:

In order to be more competitive in the marketplace, one has to be creative in terms of pricing their services. As a designer, it is very difficult to set the price of your design services. To quantify your qualitative services, you require creative pricing. Avoid cheapening your packages as it sends out a wrong signal to the clients. Instead offer creative bundle offers and promotional schemes that will attract new clientele.

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