30 Super Cool Modern Architecture Designs

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The World’s tallest building namely Burj Khalifa in Dubai (UAE) exemplifies the advancement and progress mankind has achieved in terms of architecture and building designs. Going back a few decades ago, skyscrapers and ultramodern structures as seen today were not even thinkable let alone feasible. However, with the invention of 3D modeling software and hi-tech gadgets, architects can erect buildings and strictures of any type, shape or size.

For a web or graphic designer, every type of design is inspiration. They can learn a lot from the works of architects, sculptors and interior designers. This is because there are a lot of similarities between these professions. Even the software used in architecture designing is also somewhat similar. Top companies and tech-giants are also focusing on building ultra-modern and futuristic architecture and interior designs for their headquarters. The biggest example is Google headquarters based in Tel Aviv, Israel which is a splendor of modernity and technology.

For general inspiration of designers, here are 30 super cool modern architecture designs that will blow your mind away.


1. Water Resort

Water Resort

2. Gaudi’s Masterpiece

Gaudi’s Masterpiece

3. Les Cols pavilion

Les Cols pavilion

4. Ubud Hanging Garden

Ubud Hanging Garden

5. Queens Botanical Garden

Queens Botanical Garden

6. Dancing with Nature

Dancing with Nature

7. Fallingwater House

Fallingwater House

8. Layers of Dubai

Layers of Dubai

9. Leaf House

Leaf House

10. Celler de Can Roca restaurant

Celler de Can Roca restaurant

11. Wilkinson Residence

Wilkinson Residence

12. Big Tree House

Big Tree House

13. Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation

14. Ecumenical chapel

Ecumenical chapel

15. The Esplanade

The Esplanade

16. Shoffice


17. Lovely Home

Lovely Home

18. Modern House

Modern House

19. Sergio Mereces

Sergio Mereces

20. Casa Q

Casa Q

21. Iaac – Endesa Pavilion


22. The Hive Loft

The Hive Loft

23. CCTV Building

CCTV Building

24. Botanical garden

Botanical garden

25. Google Office

Google Office

26. Contemporary Residence

Contemporary Residence

27. X House

X House

28. Manny Building

Manny Building

29. Letterbox House

Letterbox House

30. Creative Studio of Eder Krisztian

Creative Studio of Eder Krisztian

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