The Pros and Cons of Side-Projects for Designers

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Who doesn’t like to make extra money? I am sure that almost everyone would love to earn some bread over and above the usual and use it for extravagant purpose. Same is the case with designers who love to have some side-projects on hand. Especially considering the cost of living has swollen to larger proportions, it is imperative to have alternate options of earning some extra money.

However, there are pros and cons of every step taken by us. Similar is the scenario when a designer opts to keep side-projects.

Pros of Side Projects:

Let us first discuss on the few positive aspects that are driven out of having side-projects for designers.

  • Extra money:

Of course, one of the many reasons that a salaried graphic designers would like to have side-projects is to earn extra money. In this day and age, living in ones salary just isn’t possible as the cost of living is increasing as we speak. But one has to weight the value for money he/she is getting out of that side-project.

  • Extra experience

Another advantage of having side-projects for designers is that you can gain extra experience in the same time. It will add to your resume and will strengthen your credentials as a professional designer. For amateur designers, it is a good thing to have a few side-projects to gain extra experience at the start of their careers where they need to bolster their portfolio.

  • Doing What You Love

The best part of having side-projects for designers is that you get to do what you love. For those who have taken up the field of graphic and web design as a passion, it is beneficial to have side-projects going on so that you have the liberty of doing what you love the most.

Cons of Side Projects:

After having discussed the pros of side-projects, let us move on to the other side of the picture and see what disadvantages come with having side-projects for designers. After that we can weigh as to which are more and which are less leading us to conclude the importance of having side-projects as a professional artist.

  • No Time for Socializing

As previously mentioned in the pro section, the side-projects may yield extra money for designers, however it comes at a cost. You need to weight your opportunity cost that you bear while taking up side-projects in your career. It leaves you no time for socializing with your family and friends which is an indispensable part of life.

  • Physical and Mental Fatigue

Another disadvantage of taking up side-projects is that you drain out all your strength and power. When you are working more than the standard 8 hour routine, it can be extremely tiring physically and mentally. Being a workaholic can lead you to many health related issues which include back-ache, headaches, migraines, eyesight defects, carpel-tunnel syndrome and other diseases.

  • Decrease in Efficiency

Proper diet, proper exercise and proper sleep are all part of a healthy life. Without these, man is not able to perform at his fullest potential. When you take up side-projects, you will see a lack in sleep, irregular diet and no exercise. This will have a bad effect on your overall efficiency as a designer.

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