5 Smart Reasons to Alter Your Logo Design

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If truth be told, creating a novel and fresh logo design is comparatively simple than revamping one. The reason is that when a designer works on a new logo design, there is no prior brand repute at stake. However on the other hand, altering an already recognized logo design is tantamount to risking the entire business image. Without appropriate analysis and justification, altering your logo may be calamitous.

There are several occurrences in the corporate world, where organizations have changed their logos for one cause or another. A few of these revamps were done for the right motive, though others were not backed by a firm and concrete rationale behind their makeover.

In this article, you will learn the 5 smart and prudent reasons to alter your logo design:

1. Merger and Acquisition:

When two companies decide to form a single entity either by merging themselves or by acquiring the other, it becomes a whole new entity. This requires a whole new brand identity in order to let the customers know about the change. For example if two competitors form a merger between them, their identity will have to be changed in order to represent both their brand values.

2. Alterations in Company Name

Sometimes, the owners of a company feel that their brand name is not accurately portraying their business. Thus they decide to change the name of the organization. This is where a change in logo design is most appropriate because you would want to reinforce the new name of your business to the client.

3. Old Logo Has Become Boring

At times, you start to receive a vibe from the market that the logo which represents your company is no longer in fashion. Even though logo designs are meant to be designed for eternity, not everyone is capable of this. When too many negative feedback start to arrive regarding your old logo design, this is the time you need to alter the design and bring in a fresh and fresh unique look.

4. Brand Diversification

When a company seeks to go for diversifying its product line, they need to show it to the audience as well. There is no point of making two separate logo designs for products of one single entity. So when a business is going for diversification, a logo redesign is needed to incorporate the new product lines in the brand image.

5. Minimalist Approach:

In some cases, the logo design of a company is too complicated for the company to understand and comprehend. There is no point of making a logo when to target audience cannot get the message. Therefore, when you get the feedback from the market that the logo is complex in deisgn that is the time to revamp it.

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