20 Offbeat Examples of Seating Designs

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Inspiration for designers is like fuel that boosts their creative engine. It can come from almost any source. However, one of the best forms of inspiration for graphic / web designers is through fields that are related to their area of expertise. For instance, Industrial design is once form of art that involves applying art and science together to develop the looks, ergonomics, and accessibility of manufactured goods. For instances, the design of a chair can play a crucial role in providing comfort to the user and avoid any form of stress. Similarly, other industrial machinery are designed with perfection to boost their productivity and efficiency.

In this post, we will learn a few design tricks through industrial design of chairs stools and benches. You will notice how each and every one of these seating designs are created to perfection and give design solutions for problems such as back spasms, inaccessibility and other physical challenges.

Check out these 20 offbeat and chick examples of seating designs for inspiration in your graphic / web design work:

1.Line chair

Line chair

2.Splay Bench

Splay Bench

3.Moon Chair

Moon Chair



5.Remains Benches

Remains Benches

6.Fill in the cat

Fill in the cat

7.Cardboard Ghery

Cardboard Ghery



9.Eco Decor ‘Design Natural’

Eco Decor ‘Design Natural’

10.Arms Chair

Arms Chair

11.Elements Chair

Elements Chair



13.Bent Wood Chair

Bent Wood Chair

14.Mino Chair

Mino Chair

15.Bar Stool

Bar Stool



17.Scribble Chair

Scribble Chair





20.Philippe Krzyzek

Philippe Krzyzek

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