25 Neat and Cool Character Design Tutorials

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Character designing is a very popular form of art in the contemporary age of graphics and multimedia. Its demand is noticeable in animated movies, video games and websites. Designers, with the aid of graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator can illustrate and create realistic and super cool cartoon characters. When created for websites, they represent the brand identity of the site and can be placed on prominent places like header and footer to add attraction.

Digital characters act as an analogy to the website and aid the visitors in relating the character with the website. It serves as the exact purpose of a mascot in a Football game. When a user comes on to a website and sees the character design, he/she will associate that to the website. The next time he/she wants to visit the website, the character will help them to identify the site.

It is quite a lengthy and detailed process to illustrate a character design from scratch. That is why for inspiration and learning, here are 25 neat and cool character design tutorials:

1. LeBron James Cartoon Character

LeBron James Cartoon Character

2. Happy Drummer

Happy Drummer

3. Grumpy Bear

Grumpy Bear

4. Furry Cartoon Character

Furry Cartoon Character

5. Fat Cat

Fat Cat

6. Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

7. Cute Vector Dog

Cute Vector Dog

8. Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

9. Cute Bunny Rabbit

Cute Bunny Rabbit

10. Character with Expressive Lines

Character with Expressive Lines

11. Character Mascot

Character Mascot

12. Chainsaw Bunny Character

Chainsaw Bunny Character

13. Business Chick

Business Chick

14. Cartoon Bug Tutorial

Cartoon Bug Tutorial

15. Boomrock Saints

Boomrock Saints

16. Zombie Flesh Eater

Zombie Flesh Eater

17. Yeti Character

Yeti Character

18. Video Game Character Poses

Video Game Character Poses

19. Vector Bilby Character

Vector Bilby Character

20. Scary Cute Monster

Scary Cute Monster

21. Pirate Character

Pirate Character

22. Original Pinup Girl

Original Pinup Girl

23. Monstrous Character

Monstrous Character

24. Minion Character From Despicable Me

Minion Character From Despicable Me

25. Mechanic Character

Mechanic Character

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