20 Imaginative Examples of Recycled Art

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A true artist is somebody who can create an artwork out of anything. An illustrator’s creativity and imagination is not bound by the material that comes in handy. They can construct creative art forms out of mere garbage, if required. That is the hallmark of a real designer. There are certain talented artists out there in the world who have the capacity to carve out sculptures using nothing but recycled material like plastic bottles, paper cups, leaves, scrap metal, used wood and other items of disposal.

Recycled art is a technique that provides inspiration and motivation to the designers that nothing is impossible to create if you have the will power and determination to do it. It teaches us designers and creative artists that we are not bound by tools or any other gadgets to erect creative and effective designs.

Check out these 20 imaginative and out-of-this-world examples of recycled art that will leave you bamboozled and startled.

1.Sound Wave

Sound Wave

2.Water Lilies

Water Lilies

3.Giant Pinecones

Giant Pinecones

4.Wood Path Design

Wood Path Design

5.Piano Bookcase

Piano Bookcase

6.Recycled Skateboard

Recycled Skateboard

7.Recycled Car Art

Recycled Car Art

8.iMac Pet Bed

iMac Pet Bed

9.Test Tube Chandalier

Test Tube Chandalier

10.Wood Pathway

Wood Pathway

11. Metal Butterfly

Metal Butterfly

12.Plastic Spoon Flowers

Plastic Spoon Flowers

13.Textile Art

Textile Art

14.Book Library

Book Library



16.Autumn Spectrum

Autumn Spectrum

17.Computer Skylines

Computer Skylines

18.Phone Booth Lounge

Phone Booth Lounge

19.Metal Scorpion

Metal Scorpion

20.Cork Chair

Cork Chair

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