5 Benefits of One-Step Checkout in Ecommerce Websites

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No online business likes it when a customer abandons its shopping cart after filling it with products / services. However, it is a natural phenomenon of e-commerce that businesses need to swallow. People usually refrain from shopping online due to several reasons. These include ergonomic problems in the buying process,second thoughts while checking-out,inflated shipping costs and low trust on the website.

Many e-commerce businesses are determined to steer clear of this persevering cart abandonment issue and capitalize on profits and escalated revenues. Generating massive amount of traffic to the site is of no use if there is no sales conversion. This will happen if you have a poorly designed shopping cart with lackluster features. Therefore, it is imperative to study the tricks and tips of how to create a one-step checkout process on your e-commerce website.

In this post, you will learn the ways and advantages of employing a one-step-checkout process on your e-commerce websites which will eliminate the evil of shopping cart relinquishment by customers.

1. Less Clutter during Checkout:

Among the prime factors that compel the website visitors to leave their shopping carts is excessive data required to be provided at point of sale. Every client likes prompt and swift transactions as nobody wants to waste their time. By using a one-step checkout process, you can get rid of all the redundant fields that the users have to fill during the checkout process. By implementing so, you will see a rapid increase in sales conversions on your e-commerce website.

2. Quick Processing:

Building upon the previous point, every customer likes swift and quick processing of their sales /purchase transaction be it physically or over the internet. Another great reason why many e-commerce websites fail to convert their leads into sales is the multi-page checkout process. When a customer has to open several pages again and again to fill particular information, he / she gets frustrated and leaves the online transaction. By implementing a one-step checkout process on your website, you can give users quick an rapid processing of their transactions.

3. Automatic Field Updates:

For repeat customers who regularly shop online, one of the most irritating things is to re-fill their contact and delivery credentials on the website during every transaction. This can be eradicated by implementing a one-step checkout process. By using automatic filed updates, the website automatically generates all the previous information of the customers upon each transaction so that the customer does not have to enter the information again and again.

4. Boost in Sales:

Without doubt, one of the most prime reasons why you should use a one-step checkout process on your e-commerce website is to boost your sales. Naturally when the customers will not face any issues and difficulties during their purchase transactions, they will not abandon the shopping cart and this will result in increasing your sales.

5. Simple Installation:

From a designers and developers point of view, the one step checkout process is easy to install on the websites. It has easy to use and accessible features that will allow you to install and modify the extension with ease.

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