7 Ways Designers Can Sell Their Brand Identity to Clients

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For the designers and developers, the hardest part is to properly market their services and reach out to potential customers in an impressive manner. Not only are they designers, they are also brand ambassadors for themselves. Before working on any design projects for clients, they need to have actual clients to work for. In order to do that, they require proper selling of their identity and uniqueness to the potential clients.

Every designer has their own set of capabilities and talent. This is something that needs to be marketed to the clients so that they can decipher the difference between you and other designers out there. If you don’t properly sell yourself to the client, he won’t buy your uniqueness and distinctiveness. In order to properly market your brand identity to the clients, here are 7 things designers should do.

1. Optimistic Attitude
The first thing that you need to portray in front of the potential customers is an optimistic attitude and approach towards things. No client likes to work with a professional who is negative and pessimistic in what he does. Adopt a positive flair in your work and show that to the clients so that they may feel welcomed.

2. Self Satisfaction
The hallmark of a true professional is self-satisfaction. Designers should be satisfied with their work otherwise clients may think that you are not content with your own skills. If you give a hint of this kind of attitude to the clients, they would not believe in you. Moreover, you should believe in yourself so that you can sell it easily.

3. Offer Uniqueness
As already mentioned above, clients have loads of options when it comes to designers. That is why it is essential that you offer them unique set of skills that they will not get elsewhere. For this purpose, you can offer a little different from your original service offering which will impress the clients and make them feel extra special. Don’t treat your clients like an assembly line with a one-size-fits-all approach.

4. Avoid Overconfidence
Your personal branding should be devoid of over-confidence as it is a big turn-of for clients. No clients like to work with designers who act like smart-alecs and know-it-alls. In order to promote your brand identity as a designer, avoid being over-confident of your capabilities as a designers and practice humility with potential clients.

5. Value Addition
As described earlier, clients will only select your services if they get something extra that others don’t offer. This value addition could be anything from a free revision to a sample logo design. Or you might also chip in a business card to give the clients an added bonus with the design package.

6. Humanistic Approach
There is one thing that all designers must keep in mind that service oriented professions like theirs require humanistic approach rather than a robotic one. You cannot treat your clients like a product on a production line where one size fits all is implemented. Be realistic with your clients and make them feel comfortable. Talk in their own language and acknowledge their needs and requirements.

7. Cool Mindedness
Panic is another thing that designers need to ward off their brand personality. Clients don’t prefer working with professionals who tend to panic a lot. You need to be cool-minded and show this to the potential client so that he may be confident that his project will be in the right hands.

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