6 Different Choices in WordPress Slideshow Galleries

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When it comes to Content Management Systems, three names come up in web designer’s mind namely WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Out of these three, it is a generally accepted fact that WordPress has gained prominence as one of the best and mostly preferred CMS. Many designers and developers prefer installing WordPress for their websites because of its ease of use and variety of function. Principally preferred for blogging websites, it is also used in sites that require slideshow features.

The Slideshow gallery plugin is one of the most frequently used feature of any WordPress template or theme. It is used in places where product display is to be done or website snippets are to be displayed. There are various kinds of slideshow galleries which include automatic sliders and manual sliders. They are mainly created on the jQuery language. In today’s post, we are going to discuss the 6 various types of slideshow galleries that WordPress has to offer and how designers can employ them in different scenarios.

1. Video Gallery WordPress Plugin

When you need to build a slideshow that displays a series of videos, the WordPress Video Gallery Plugin will help you. This plugin is generated using the html5 functionality and it is compatible even on a Smartphone like iPhone. Furthermore, it is also attuned to function on all famous web browsers. You can also embed videos from sites like YouTube, DailyMotion and Metacafe since these plugins have an API.

2. Photo Gallery WordPress Plugin

For those who wish to use static images to show off their product on the homepage of the website, Photo Gallery WordPress plugin comes in handy. It is a special add-on that permits a website owner to upload images and also have the option of making several albums.

3. Thumbnail WordPress Plugin

In some cases, there is less space for designers to insert a slideshow gallery on the website. In these cases, the Thumbnail WordPress Plugins will aid you in inserting a thumbnail gallery to your website. Not only is it totally modifiable it can also be scaled into various sizes and functions on every web browsers and handheld devices.

4. Premium Gallery WordPress Plugin

Owning to security concerns and low memory reasons, the multi uploading feature was disabled in most plugins provided by WordPress. However, if you wish to create a slideshow gallery that is able to upload several photos at a time, then you can go for Premium Gallery WordPress Plugin. You can use this plugin to do memory management as well.

5. TS Display WordPress Plugin

For those who wish to dispaly their entire portfolio through a slideshow gallery, the TS Display is a WordPress plugin that is extremely handy for the same purpose. Through this extension, you can handle the portfolio post and display image gallery in your website.

6. Wall Media Gallery WordPress Plugin

Another nice way of showcasing your slideshow gallery is in Pinterest style. Just like the social media website shows its posts in a grid-like format, the Wall Grid WordPress Plugin will aid you in showcasing the photos in a grid-pattern gallery on your website or blog. You can also modify it or scale it in various sizes. You can also slot it in any page or post you desire using inbuilt shortcode generator.

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